Dog Rehabilitation
Center of Maine


Having difficulties with your lovable dog keeping the peace?
Have you hired dog trainers and still have the same problems?
Think you’re out of options?

     ...We can help!!

Sergei can visit your home to assess the behavior of your dog and issue the correct course of action.
With Sergei’s guidance and (if needed) interaction with the pack, should provide direction and a sense of calm for your dog. You will see how quickly your dog’s behavior changes for the better.

Our Team of well Balanced Dogs and Sergei’s guidance is paramount for your dog’s re-learning of how to be a well behaved dog again.  When some dog shelters such as Kennebec Humane Society (KHS)cannot place a dog deemed too aggressive, they call Sergei to work with the dog at the DRCM facility until the dog is fit for adoption. KHS has praised Sergei for his success, claiming that he has saved many dogs from being euthanized.

Sergei also does a great and important job of including you the owner in the dog’s behavior rehabilitation.

Meet just some of the Team

Temple Daddy Angel Budda

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