Dog Rehabilitation
Center of Maine


Erik J. writes -

Kudos to the Dog Rehabilitation Center of Maine, thank you Sergei and Lisa!!  I cannot thank you enough for the help and happiness you have provided to me and my pack.  The dogs (with supervision) are getting along marvelously.  You and your pack taught my dogs how to behave like dogs again, and order is now restored in our home.  Life is much calmer now because of you.  Your techniques have saved this pack from falling apart….”


Jenna writes -

“We have 3 dogs...Zelda, a female pit bull, who was dog aggressive and fearful of men, Oliver, a male corgi, who was dog aggressive and wanted to be boss and Sadie, a female lab, who could be fearful of the others behaviors.     Sergei has helped us to understand and change our dogs' behaviors, as well as our own. Our household is a lot more peaceful and we are all more relaxed. The dogs have a daily exercise regimen including an outside walk and Oliver and Zelda have begun using a treadmill and both love it. Sergei and his pack of dogs are calm, direct and can teach your dog to follow the same way of life. If you are devoted to changing your dog and yourself, the Dog Rehabilitation Center of Maine is the place for you.”

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